Italy’s Anti-Immigrant Violence Fuels Debate on Racism

By The News Oct 13, 2008

Chicago Promotes Latino Community in Pitch for Olympics "Chicago made its first formal presentation as a finalist for the 2016 Olympics on Saturday by seeking common ground with Latin American sports officials who will help decide the bid’s fate." Chicago Tribune. North Korea Removed from Terrorism List "The U.S. took North Korea off its list of states sponsoring terrorism yesterday, granting the Asian nation a long-sought prize in exchange for wider scrutiny of its nuclear-weapons program. " Bloomberg. More Immigrant Deaths in Italy Force Meetings on Racism "The attacks are fueling a national conversation about racism and tolerance in a country that has only recently transformed itself from a nation of emigrants into a prime destination for immigrants." New York Times. Columbus Day: Murder in the Name of Progress Howard Zinn recounts the history of Christopher Columbus and the Indians in A People’s History of the United States.