Issa Rae’s New Web Series Draws Criticism For Christian Rap Song

Not everyone is a fan of Issa Rae's latest parody.

By Jamilah King Sep 27, 2013

About a month after Awkward Black Girl’s Issa Rae debuted her new Web series called "The Choir," the new show is already drawing criticism. The series is a dramedy about one church’s attempts to rebuild its dormant choir, but a recent episode that features a new song called "Christ WALK" by Rae that some find to be an insulting parody of Christian rap.

"Aside from it being disrespectful to put Christ’s name in a profanity-filled rap, Issa, you ought know better than to trivialize gang violence," wrote one commentor on YouTube. "So many of our young urban youths are dying in the streets because they don’t see the seriousness of taking human life. This is very disappointing. Not funny in the least."

(h/t Clutch Magazine)