Isla Vista Could Embolden Push For Gun Violence Research

By Carla Murphy May 27, 2014

Elliot Rodger’s college-town rampage in Isla Vista, Calif. and holiday weekend shootings in New Orleans come a few days after two Democratic senators introduced legislation last week to jumpstart gun violence research at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). This latest effort recognizes the role that public health research may play in policy discussions around gun control and gun violence.

Gun violence research funding dried up in 1996 after an NRA intervention. Since 2007 the CDC has spent roughly $100,000-a-year on firearms-focused work. As a result, Americans know the number of homicides each year but not basic information like, how many Americans survive shootings, Pro Publica reports.

The NRA considers legislation allotting $10 million a year to the CDC to conduct gun violence research "unethical." Michael Martinez, the father of Christopher Michaels-Martinez, one of Rodger’s victims, continues to speak out against the NRA and politicians, whom he blames for his son’s death. He reportedly wants to meet with Rodger’s father as well. Christopher, 20, was his only child.

Rodger killed six people and wounded 13 others before turning the gun on himself, according to the latest reports. Gun violence in New Orleans this holiday weekend left four dead, 15 wounded.

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