Irene Rain on Your MLK Memorial Parade? Sing These Songs Instead

NewsOne has compiled a list of the top ten songs from the civil rights era.

By Jorge Rivas Aug 26, 2011

The Martin Luther King, Jr., Memorial dedication has been postponed to a later date due to weather conditions, leaving us a perfect opportunity to catch up with music that fueled many of the marches MLK led. Casey Gane-McCalla at NewsOne has compiled a list of the "Top ten Civil Rights protests songs of all time."

"Martin Luther King knew that the Civil Rights movement needed a soundtrack and that every hero needed theme music," Gane-McCalla writes 

Here are three of my favorites from her list, check them out and make sure to visit NewsOne for the full list that ranges from jazz, folk, R&B to gospel.

We Shall Overcome

Oh Freedom

People Get Ready