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By Kai Wright Dec 08, 2011

**[Donate now to support Investigations.](** This week, published another of our deep-dive investigations into how race shapes the world in which we live. Jamilah King’s story, "[How Big Telecom Used Smartphones to Create a New Digital Divide](," is essential reading for anyone interested in participating in the information age–and if you’re reading, that’s you. Last month, Seth Freed Wessler [uncovered thousands]( of U.S. citizen children languishing in foster care because their parents were being deported. Seth’s investigation has already spurred important responses. President Obama acknowledged the separation of families as a "real problem" and vowed to review Homeland Security’s process for keeping families united; members of Congress have pledged to pressure the department to act with decency as well. And importantly, immigrants rights advocates are armed with new data to fight for change. This kind of reporting is as essential as it is increasingly rare. News organizations dedicate fewer resources to investigative and enterprise reporting every year–and they’ve never spent much time digging into the racial inequity that so shapes our political, cultural and economic life. is dedicated to filling that void. But we can’t do it without your help–because this kind of reporting is also enormously expensive. Our small, ambitious roster of staff writers and contributors make a little bit of money go a long way. But we need more of it, badly. Can you help? **[If you think stories like these are important to uncover, please donate today to support Investigations.](** has enjoyed remarkable growth since relaunching as an online home for daily news and analysis on racial justice. We’ve covered hundreds of breaking news stories and launched a growing number of investigative reports. But we need your help to keep it up. Give whatever amount you can spare. Do it right now. **[Just click here and help ensure we can keep putting reporters on the beat.](** The more you give, the more we can dig up. Thanks for your ongoing support!