Insurance Cos. Hike Co-Pays; Immigrants Share Their Stories

By The News Apr 14, 2008

Food Crisis Affects 100 Million The World Bank announced today that the global food crisis that has fueled riots in Haiti will affect 100 million people in the world’s most impoverished nations. Insurance Companies Hike Co-Pays Health care is not guaranteed because you have insurance. A new system among insurance companies requires patients to pay a percentage of their prescriptions’ costs instead of the typical flat fee. This change will have a drastic effect on many people with chronic illnesses who use very expensive treatments, and it will force them to choose between their health and other basic needs. New York Times. Papal Visit to Bring Hope to Immigrants? Because the country’s Latino population represents forty percent of all Catholics in the United States, many immigrant rights groups are hoping that Pope Benedict XVI, on his first trip to the United States, will bring a message about detained or deported immigrants. New America Media. An Immigrant’s Story Julia Preston, New York Times national immigration correspondent, has collected people’s immigration stories. Read some stories and the comments that followed. New York Times. Faith and the City As New York gears up to welcome the Pope, AMNY goes to all five boroughs to talk to Buddhists, Catholics, Jews, Hindus, Muslims, and Protestants about their faith. AMNY.