Infographic Shows White Men’s Outsized Hold on U.S. Elected Offices

By Julianne Hing Oct 09, 2014

White men run the country. Little surprise there.

But what exactly is the demographic breakdowns of elected office holders? On Wednesday, Who Leads Us, a network of the Women* Donor Network, the New Organizing Institute, TargetSmart and Rutgers University’s Center for Women and Politics, shared the statistics. Who Leads Us analyzed data of 42,000 elected officials from the county level all the way on up to the president. 

Their findings may not surprise you, but they’re certainly sobering to see in infographic form.



For more, including their methodology and raw data, visit

*Post has been updated since publication to reflect that the proper name for one organization mentioned is "Women Donor Network," not "Womens Donor Network.