Indian Leaders Protest Racist Station; Hispanic Voters Prefer Democrats

By The News Dec 07, 2007

Poll Finds Hispanics Returning to Earlier Preference for Democrats A recent survey released by the Washington-based Pew Hispanic Center indicated that 57% of registered Hispanic voters consider themselves Democrats, which may have huge implications in states such as Colorado, Florida, New Mexico, and Nevada in the upcoming presidential election. New York Times. Do Mothers Pass On Racism More than Fathers? Freakonomics Blogger Melissa Lafsky discusses a recent study released by psychologists in the September issue of the British Journal of Developmental Psychology. The study found that as children learn their “lessons on social interaction” from their parents, it may be that there is a higher correlation between their attitudes and those of their mother. New York Times. NAACP Legal Defense Fund Appoints Leading Civil Rights Attorney John Payton as Director-Counsel and President Harvard Law-educated John Payton will succeed Ted Shaw as the sixth NAACP Legal Defense Fund Director-Counsel and President. Payton is a prominent attorney who has been involved in many important civil rights cases, some of which have been taken to the United States Supreme Court. PR News Wire. Secret Service racism suit gets another day in court For seven years, there has been an ongoing class-action lawsuit against the United States Secret Service due to its discriminatory practices against African-Americans hired within the agency. Although there has been a request for the Secret Service to produce evidence over 20 times, they have refused to do so. On Monday, Judge Deborah A. Robinson will determine if the Secret Service will be sanctioned for the third time for its failure to produce evidence. Atlanta Journal-Constitution Protesters press KQRS for firings, apologies Several leaders from the Communities of Color Council of Many Nations throughout Minnesota protested outside radio station KQRS (92.5 FM) on Thursday after two of the station’s hosts Terri Traen and Tom Barnard made insensitive remarks about American Indians. Though the radio station issued apologies and “hired two Indian interns” over a month ago, protesters demand the firing of the two hosts. Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota Star Tribune.