Immigrants’ Interpreter Speaks Out; Sharpton Cancels Sean Bell Protests at Yankee Stadium

By The News Jul 11, 2008

Interpreter: Arrested Immigrants Didn’t Understand Rights "In a 14-page essay he circulated among two dozen other interpreters who worked here, Professor Camayd-Freixas wrote that the immigrant defendants whose words he translated, most of them villagers from Guatemala, did not fully understand the criminal charges they were facing or the rights most of them had waived." New York Times. $11 Million Awarded to Black Ohio Residents Denied Water "Residents of a mostly black neighborhood in rural Ohio were awarded nearly $11 million Thursday by a federal jury that found local authorities denied them public water service for decades out of racial discrimination." Associated Press. African Union Criticizes EU Immigration Plan "New European Union proposals aimed at tackling illegal immigration drew criticism on Thursday in Africa where the plans were attacked for criminalising immigrants and building a wall around Europe." AFP. Al Sharpton Strikes All-Star Game Protest "The Rev. Al Sharpton says next week’s planned protests over the acquittals of three New York police officers in a controversial shooting have been called off because he was confident that state and national police reform legislation would soon be passed." UPI.