Immigrant Basher Tancredo Won’t Seek Re-Election

By Terry Keleher Oct 30, 2007

Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-Colorado) has announced that he will not run for re-election for his congressional seat in suburban Denver. But, his presidential candidacy continues. After repeatedly bashing anyone not white, he still hopes his next job is in the white house. Now let’s see…who has Tancredo ticked off the most… Would it be immigrants… for making anti-immigrant pronouncements and policies the centerpiece of his campaigns? His anti-immigrant voting record earned him a career score of 100% from Americans for Better Immigration. He didn’t even want the Denver Public Library to carry Spanish-language reading materials. Or would if be Blacks… after he proposed pulling federal post-Katrina recovery aid from New Orleans, or for his speaking engagement in South Carolina last year when he used a Confederate flag-draped podium? Or would it be Muslims… after his 2005 radio interview in which he suggested “taking out Muslim holy sites” as an appropriate retaliation to a hypothetical al-Qaeda nuclear attack on the U.S? Or, perhaps, it’s anti-racist whites… who’ve got to be truly embarrassed when Tancredo, the grandson of Italian immigrants, illustrates how fully assimilating into U.S. society too often involves fully embracing the social order of white supremacy? Or maybe his fellow members of Congress… when, earlier this year, he railed against the existence of minority caucuses? "It is utterly hypocritical for Congress to extol the virtues of a color-blind society while officially sanctioning caucuses that are based solely on race. If we are serious about achieving the goal of a colorblind society, Congress should lead by example and end these divisive, race-based caucuses,’ Tancredo asserted. Tancredo may believe he’s on some kind of quixotic quest to become the champion of a colorblind society. I’m reminded of his determination as I recall the image of him standing alone as the only one of nine Republican presidential candidates who oddly showed up at the last NAACP national convention. His colorblindness must have been so evident that day that he didn’t even need a Confederate flag draped podium.