Immig. Agent: Sex for Green Card; Indians Band Together on Border

By The News Mar 21, 2008

Indian Tribe Strengthened in the Face of US Border Fence While the Kumeyaay had spread across the Mexico and California for centuries before they were banded into reservations, the recent raid on immigrants has forced the tribe to organize their efforts to ensure families can easily cross the U.S.-Mexico divide. Reuters. US Reprimands Israel’s Racism "The State Department said Thursday it repeatedly has told Israel to treat Arab-American Palestinians as American citizens at border crossings and elsewhere." Associated Press. DC Develops Mixed Housing Projects Called an experiment, Washington, D.C. officials are planning to redevelop housing projects, but this time with a mixed income community in mind. New York Times Immigration Officer Forced Sex for Green Card The only person standing in the way of a young woman’s green card, Isaac R. Baichu, a Guyanian immigrant himself, was arrested for coercing sex from her in exchange for legal status. New York Times.