‘If God Forgives Us, Then Our Community Should Forgive Us Too’

Tayna Fogle, a formerly incarcerated voting rights activist, describes her fight on behalf of Kentuckians denied the right to democracy because they've been to prison.

By Jorge Rivas Nov 16, 2012

Tayna Fogle is a mother of two, a grandmother of six, a basketball champion and a formerly incarcerated individual who spent a decade in prison. After a decade in prison and having the right to vote taken away from her she went on to fight through months of legal proceedings to be able to vote again. Today she works with [Kentuckians for the Commonwealth](http://www.kftc.org/) as an organizer and voting rights activist to help other formerly incarcerated individuals regain their right to vote. In the video at the top of this page, Fogle talks about her work and her experience on the first day of Facing Race 2012 in Baltimore. Earlier this month the Marguerite Casey Foundation and Equal Voice profiled Fogle in a video titled "Power of Voice." Watch the video and learn more about Fogle’s work below.