ICYMI: Someone Made President Obama’s ‘Pop Off’ Comments Into an EDM Song

By Sameer Rao Nov 19, 2015

Apparently, the world needed to hear President Barack Obama’s "pop off" comment turned into an EDM song. So, it was. 

The comment, which Obama made in response to people like Ben Carson who are ready to send U.S. troops into Syria to fight ISIS, turned into this: 

Jx Cannon, a Brooklyn-based producer and DJ who performs around New York City, created the track, which has gone viral on social media. In an interview with VICE’s Thump, Cannon talked about the importance of the moment in which Obama said "pop off": 

What is the significance behind Obama’s popping off comment? Did you have mixed feelings about making this track when it was in reference to such heavy subject matter? 

This past week has been brutal, not only for the attacks in Paris but also the unrest at Mizzou… times are dark and we’re facing problems that don’t have easy solutions. That being said, I believe Obama using the phrase "pop off" in a speech was exactly what America needed to hear. It was totally presidential.

(H/t Thump, Washington Post