ICYMI: Common (Non)sense

By Qimmah Saafir Mar 18, 2015

Common might have to come down from his Oscar-win high. At least based on footage of the rapper-turned-actor’s appearance on "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" that started circulating yesterday. He was on the show to promote his new movie, "Run All Night," but ended up sharing his views on race.

So you get some context, Stewart opens the door by bringing up white rage:

"[T]here is a movement now to take [the] injuries and the bitterness of racism and return them to…uh…white people, the dominant culture, the majority culture. And there’s a real anger, a real vein of anger, like, "Hey man, I didn’t have slaves!" And you’re, "No, no, no…they’re not talking about that. They’re talking about a power structure."

Common replies:

Well my thing is like, now it’s like, "Hey, we all know it’s been some bad history in our country. We know that racism exists." [But] I’m like saying, "Hey y’all, I’m extending a hand."… I think a lot of generations and different cultures are saying, "Hey, we want to get past this. We been bullied, we’ve been beat down but we don’t want it anymore." And we not extending a fist and saying "You did us wrong." It’s more like, "Hey, I’m extending my hand in love. Let’s forget about the past as much as we can and let’s move from where we are now. How can we help each other?"  

Folks on Twitter held no barrs in their reactions to his proposition:



See the full interview above.