ICYMI: 3 Life-Getting Golden Globes Moments

By Sameer Rao Jan 11, 2016

We give this year’s Golden Globe awards show a three out of 10 due to the ignorant jokes from host Rickey Gervais and a general lack of diversity among the winners. But there were some great moments. Here’s three: 

1. Taraji P. Henson wins, gives out actual cookies, crushes acceptance speech

Forget about Henson’s snubbing by the Screen Actors Guild. The "Empire" star celebrated her Golden Globe for best actress in a TV drama with maximum joy. On her way to the stage Henson, who plays fan favorite "Cookie," gave out actual cookies to audience members. Then she made an epic acceptance speech that acknowledged how much viewers enjoy realness. She even rebuked calls for her to conclude her overlong speech with, "I waited 20 years for this, you’re gonna wait!" to rapturous applause.

2. America Ferrera and Eva Longoria send up Hollywood racism.

After Ricky Gervais delivered a terrible joke about future president Donald Trump deporting America Ferrera and Eva Longoria, the Latina stars parodied the racism of Hollywood and the Golden Globes in particular. Onstage to announce the award for best actor in a TV series, Longoria introduced herself as "Not Eva Mendez." Ferrera called herself "Not Gina Rodriguez," a jab at how the Globes misidentified her as the "Jane the Virgin" star on Twitter back in December. The duo wound up their joke with Longoria quipping, "Thanks Salma" and Ferrera responding, "You’re welcome, Charo." Comedy gold. 

3. Denzel Washington honored for life’s work, brings family onstage

Even if Denzel was missing part of his Cecille B. DeMille award acceptance speech (as well as one of his sons, who the actor said was "working on his thesis") the beauty of this superstar bringing his family onstage did not escape us. Watch and be enamored.  

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