‘I Love My Hair’ Adult Coloring Book Will Affirm Your Love

By Sameer Rao Jul 20, 2015

We all need momentary relief from stress, and it’s even better when that relief gratifies and uplifts our humanity. It is in that spirit that artist and educator Andrea Pippins created the "I Love My Hair" campaign, which celebrates and promotes self-love, especially for black women. The campaign’s screen prints are for individual sale and have been for some time—but her upcoming "I Love My Hair" adult coloring book takes it to a new level.

Featuring a mix of hair-styles—Mohawks, braids, up-dos, etc.—the book, which is set to come out on November 10, adds new personal depth to the growing adult coloring book movement. The book’s mix of styles is intended to appeal to women of all kinds, but the message of self-empowerment will likely be most resonant with women of color, who seem to be Pippins’s primary audience. 

Pippins is taking a break from selling prints on her Etsy page, but those interested can learn more at her official website

(H/t Bustle