Huckabee Rips Off Spike Lee Joint

By Jonathan Adams Nov 21, 2008

I was watching Rachel Maddow interview Mike Huckabee last night, and I couldnt believe he said the title of his new book is "Do the Right Thing." Why would Mike Huckabee name his book after a Spike Lee movie? To questions of plagarism, Huckabee says:

CALLER: During the campaign I heard a lot about plagiarism that they were trying to attribute to Senator obama. Your book, and I will look forward to reading it, it reminds me of a movie that Spike Lee had done in the 1980’s with the same title. Would you be afraid in the land of the free of you being sued for plagiarism? HUCKABEE: I am pretty sure that Spike Lee got his movie idea by anticipating my book [laughter]. His treatment and my treatment are considerably different.[Politico]

I agree with Huckabee that Spike Lee’s twenty-year-old depiction of racial conflict is much different than the post-racial theocracy he touts in his book. Ironically, the filmmaker has a much more authentic portrayal of America than a former presidential candidate. But just for fun, watch Do the Right Thing.