How Your Faves Really Feel About the #Inauguration

By Sameer Rao Jan 20, 2017

Many celebrities of color’s antipathy towards Donald Trump and love for Barack Obama converged today (January 20) as Trump officially became the United States’ 45th president. As Vox noted today, Trump made powerful enemies of several A-list entertainers during his presidential campaign. That animosity contrasts with the goodwill Barack and Michelle Obama engendered in the entertainment industry, particularly with people of color.

Several celebs took to social media to express their feelings, which ranged from sadness to gratitude, from rage to determination to be resilient. Here are ten must-see posts:


Thank you.

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worst breakup ever.

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Ok ready for life! Got my #feministbox thanks so much @feministapparel  I’m off to D.C. I have to say I’m so proud of all of you. Around 280 marches are being held all over the country. Organizing this march was not easy and it is a great example dedication and hard work. We can achieve so much when we find commonalities that unite us and use our power for good. This is only the beginning. I hope that through this experience we are all motivated and excited about our potential and understand the importance and responsibility of participating in our country’s democratic process. Get up! Stand up! Don’t give up the fight! I march for equality and justice for all. I march for our right to be here and be treated with dignity and respect. I love you and I can’t wait to see your beautiful faces @womensmarch #whyimarch #womensmarch

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