How Latino Activists Fought For Transgender Rights in Massachusetts

A new film directed by Frances Negru00f3n-Muntaner tells the story the activists who made the 2012 Transgender Equal Rights Bill possible.

By Von Diaz Nov 15, 2013

In the latest from filmmaker Frances Negrón-Muntaner, "Small City, Big Change" tells the story of the Latina/o activists who brought about the historic Transgender Equal Rights Bill in 2012. After a transgender woman was brutally attacked in the small town of Chelsea, Mass, the organization Mass Equality coordinated LGBTQ Latinos to organize social media campaigns, and speak directly with Chelsea representative Eugene O’Flaherty–who had opposed the bill for years. O’Flaherty was so moved by what he saw as the vulnerability of the LGBTQ community that he changed his position, and went on to champion and help pass the bill. The short film tells a powerful story of how grassroots activists can work with elected officials to bring about social and policy change.  You can view the entire short film online