Hospital Reverses Decision On Anthony Stokes Heart Transplant

The Atlanta teen is now first in line to receive a potentially life-saving heart transplant.

By Von Diaz Aug 15, 2013

Anthony Stokes has a chance at a heart transplant now that doctors at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta will put him on the wait list, reversing last week’s decision to keep him off the list because of "non-compliance." The hospital has yet to comment on why Stokes was found "non-compliant," saying only that they "follow very specific criteria in determining eligibility" for transplants and that they would be working "closely with the family." 

Stokes’s mother Melencia Hamilton told CNN the doctors said their decision was partly based on her son’s poor grades in school and juvenile criminal record. He also has tattoos and wears an ankle bracelet, allegedly from an incident where he was defending his younger brother. According to a spokesman for the family, Stokes will be put at the top of the list because his condition is so severe.

Supporters came together this week to bring attention to Stoke’s case, creating an online petition to pressure the hospital. His family is thrilled by the hospital’s decision, but it could be 3–4 months before Stokes receives the transplant that could save his life.