Honoring Our Nation’s Veterans

We take a moment to look at the sacrifices soldiers face abroad, and at home.

By Hatty Lee, Jamilah King Nov 11, 2010

We’re celebrating Veterans Day. While any war is sure to garner its fare share of criticism, we can’t deny that the soldiers who serve our country face plenty of obstacles abroad, and often when they come home. Sometimes it takes decades to finally get the recognition they deserve, as we showed a few months back with the group of decorated Japanese American WWII veterans who were finally recognized by President Obama. Back in 2008, Michelle Chen wrote for ColorLines about how military service often politicizes young women of color. Aaron Glantz recently reported for New America Media on the rising rates of suicide among older veterans, who are still dealing with the trauma of combat decades after ending their service. Below, we showcase just a few images of what those sacrifices sometimes look like.