High School Soccer Team Wears Hijabs to Support Muslim Teammate

Student was forbidden to play in her hijab

By Jamilah King Mar 21, 2014

When referees barred Samah Aida from competing in a high school soccer match because of her hijab, the rest of her teammates at Aurora, Colorado’s Overland High School decided to decided to show her their support. 

From Bleacher Report:

Although many of the players who wore the hijabs weren’t even Muslim, it was about much more than that. Rather than allowing their teammate to feel oppressed, the Overland players decided to take matters into their own hands.

Per Carol Kuruvilla of the New York Daily News, referees deemed that Aidah wearing the hijab in a game would have been "dangerous."However, even FIFA has decided to allow players to wear headscarves during matches, according to Al Jazeera.

Aidah and her teammates were allowed to play while wearing the hijabs in the following match.

You can see the players’ act of unity in the above photo.