‘Hey Queer Photo Project’ Shows Off Dapper Asian Style

By Miriam Zoila Pu00e9rez Feb 03, 2015

Co-founded by photographer Sinru Ku and writer Wen Liu, the "Hey Queer Photo Project" features beautifully styled images of queer Asians in urban environments with an eye toward masculine-of-center presentation.

In a recent interview for the queer fashion site Qwear, Liu talked about what it’s like to be a masculine queer Asian: "I don’t know if that’s about the stereotype of queer Asians or queer butch women, but we’re mostly invisible," Wen said. "Even when you think you are butch-presenting, you won’t be taken seriously as someone who’s masculine. Being Asian is already seen as effeminate."

tumblr_nfvk6tTbAS1tmf07co1_r1_1280.jpgPhoto courtesy of Wen Liu (pictured) and Sinru Ku

While masculine clothing for female-assigned people is a blossomingmarket, the companies and outlets that feature them don’t always represent the diversity of the community. Finding menswear for smaller frames can be particularly difficult, which Wen told Qwear was part of how the project began. Too small for most menswear, Wen has to be really creative about finding the right clothes.

The creators are clear that the project isn’t just about fashion though. From the mission statement on their Tumblr site: "While ‘Hey Queer’ starts with fashion, it is not the sole purpose of the project. What we hope to do is to build a queer community where queer Asians who are not traditionally [masculine-presenting] or androgynous can feel comfortable with expressing their styles and individuality."