HeartMob, Platform for Survivors of Online Harassment, Launches Today

By Miriam Zoila Pu00e9rez Jan 27, 2016

In April, we wrote about a new project from the creators of Hollaback!, the group working to combat street harassment. Today, that project goes live, and you can now join and use HeartMob.

With the tagline "online harassment is killing the internet, you can help save it," HeartMob seeks to be a place where people being victimized by hateful messages, threats, doxxingDDS attacks, swatting, defamation and other forms of Internet harassment can document what’s happening, share their experience, and ask fellow users for specific types of support. 

Their launch video, featured above, walks through a theoretical harassment scenario, and shows how a person facing harassment can use the tool to get support. 

In our interview in April, Courtney Young, a Hollaback! board member and founder of Think Young Media Group, emphasized that while there are many different types of online harassment, HeartMob will focus on “women and women of color who are in the public space."