Healthcare For Undocumented Has Congress in a Frenzy, and Other News

By The News Aug 11, 2009

Debate Flares Up on Healthcare for Undocumented Immigrants Some immigrant rights advocates are pushing Congress to consider broadening the reach of healthcare reforms to cover an estimated 6.8 million undocumented immigrants without health insurance. But some progressive state representatives have come out against the idea that has Congress in a heated debate. NYC Plans Stricter Rules for Low-Performing Students Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg plans to institute stricter rules for third, fifth, seventh and eighth graders who do not pass the standardized tests for their respective grade levels. Instead of moving on to the next grade under the current social promotions program, students will be held back until they can pass the test. SC Black Business Owners Challenge Downtown Revitalization Plan Black merchants spoke to the Florence City Council this week about the city’s plans to revitalize downtown. The business owners say they were excluded from the plans because of their race.