Hannibal Buress Revokes Hulk Hogan’s ‘Brother’ Card

By Sameer Rao Jul 31, 2015

If you’re not watching "Why? with Hannibal Buress," you should probably start. The late night show features Flying Lotus as musical director, dope guests like Open Mike Eagle and Jean Grae, and Buress (a.k.a. that dude who came at Bill Cosby in a bit and set a ball in motion for rape allegations against Cosby to come back to public consciousness… that guy) being generally hilarious. In one bit, he goes to Beverly Hills to ask rich white people if they know who Meek Mill is. In another, he half-asses an audition to be "Daily Show" host. But this week, he made it a priority to weigh in on a racially-charged public controversy. 

Talking about the Hulk Hogan using racist language scandal in one of the episode’s first bits (which you can see in full above), Buress showed a clip of his last Comedy Central stand-up special, in which he said that Hulk Hogan was the only white person who could call him "brother" because he calls everybody that. Then, Buress definitively revoked Hogan’s "brother" card: 

"Guess what, Hulk Hogan? You can’t call me ‘brother’ anymore. Your ‘brother’ card’s revoked, fuck you Hulk Hogan [audience claps]."

Buress also had another bit in the episode, which wasn’t available on ComedyCentral.com or YouTube, where he weighed in on police violence and offered suggestions for officers (checking in with oneself being the best) to not turn abusive during pull-overs. Seriously, this show is awesome.