Is GOP Nodding to Birthers With Birthright Citizenship?

ColorLines commenters add politics, economics to Victor Goode's constitutional analysis.

By Kai Wright Aug 12, 2010

ColorLines commenter Thomas makes an interesting point on the GOP’s electioneering around birthright citizenship. Yes, they’re clearly playing to the Tea Partiers. But maybe in more ways than one:

I agree that this is about politics and not about the GOP really thinking that they can pass this. It’s throwing a bone to their tea party wing. I also can’t help but think that in particular they are trying to subtly send a message to the Obama birthers that they are concerned about questions of citizenship and nationality, but sidestep the question of Obama’s citizenship.

August is the now the official month of crazy on the campaign trail. 

Another good one from LaffertyGirl, who adds a point too often ignored in all the xenophobic thrashing: Without the children of immigrants, the U.S. is a dying nation.

Without immigration and birthright citizenship for the children of immigrants, the United States would have the same problem as Japan and, more recently, Europe: too few children to support a rapidly aging population. Because our country has always attracted upwardly mobile, energetic people from many parts of the world, we have become leaders in invention and entrepreneurship.

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