Google Play’s ‘Angry Trayvon’ Game Ignites Fury on Twitter

Talk about bad taste.

By Jamilah King Jul 09, 2013

For some reason, there’s a game called "Angry Trayvon" available for download on Google Play. It was developed by Trade Digital, Inc., a New York City-based company, and somewhere between 5,000 and 10,000 people have already gotten the game, according to Google. 

Developers even gave the game its own Facebook page.

Here’s how the game works, according to its developers:

Trayvon is angry and nobody can stop him from completing his world tour of revenge on the bad guys who terrorize cities everyday. 

Use a variety of weapons to demolish Trayvon’s attackers in various cities around the world.
As you complete a level, you will notice more bad guys coming at Trayvon at a faster pace and a deadlier attack.

A petition has sprung up on asking that Google remove the game. As its author writes, "The death of this young man is NOT A GAME. This developer is using the Google Marketplace to exploit the death of an unarmed teen for profit while simultaneously promoting violence."

News of the game sent Twitter into a frenzy on Monday night as people expressed their outrage. See the discussion after the jump.