Gonzales is confused, again; Sharpton, Jackson pencil in Jena 6

By The News Aug 02, 2007

Gonzales to senators: ‘I may have created confusion’ Still can’t recall his moral fiber. "I am deeply concerned with suggestions that my testimony was misleading, and am determined to address any such impression," Gonzales told Leahy.–CNN Sharpton, Jackson say they plan to visit Jena. Captain save a bro to the rescue… The charges against the six black teens known as the "Jena Six" are "disgraceful," the Rev. Jesse Jackson said Wednesday, adding that he is coming to Jena to spread a message of "reconciliation rather than retaliation."–Shreveport Times Asians and the Media. Listen up! This is a great story from NPR about writing stories from an Asian American perspective. Its always great to hear or read Jeff Yang. I still miss A Magazine.–Sardonic Sistah’s Summer Place Wells Fargo sued for racial bias in mortgage loans. Booyah "A black applicant is almost five times more likely to get a high-rate loan than a white applicant at Wells," Robert Rothman, a partner at Lerach Coughlin Stoia Geller Rudman & Robbins LLP, which represents plaintiffs in both cases, said in an interview. "This is because of the discretionary pricing policy that results in loan officers adding points and fees to black borrowers." –Reuters Hip-Hop: The Catalyst of Change in African Politics. A nicely written piece. The forum at the Wilson Center, moderated by the Africa Program Director Howard Wolpe, touched on the environment in which hip-hop is thriving in Africa. In comparison with other regions of the world, Africa has the highest percentage of youth and the fastest rate of urbanization. With the growing influence of Western culture on African youth, and a vast access to music via the Internet, hip-hop will continue to empower African rappers as instruments of change. There are claims that hip-hop has already become the contemporary manifestation of African culture.–Mshale A new study finds that blacks who kill whites are more likely to face execution. No news for us. It also concludes that blacks who kill other minorities are less likely to be executed than blacks who kill whites. –Newsweek The Black Laguna Beach. Just what we need. Everybody seemed to be outside on the block, unlike the other side of town where everybody seemed to stay inside. –New America Media.