Glenn Beck Launches Political News Website

Beck's biggest concern? His bottom line.

By Naima Ramos-Chapman Sep 01, 2010

Although Glenn Beck claims the timing of last week’s rally was completely coincidental, it’s probably not surprising that Beck capitalized big time. The New York Daily News is reporting that the rally was used as a soft launch for his new Fox-driven political news website called "The Blaze."

And he’s enlisted a slew of conservative media makers in his quest, including Scott Baker as editor, who once worked for Andrew Breitbart. 

Of course, Beck’s favorite news topic is himself. Sean Alfano reports, "Among the top stories appearing on The Blaze Tuesday morning were six stories related to his Washington D.C. rally, a pair of stories about the imam behind the proposed Ground Zero mosque, and a story with the headline: HuffPo Pulls Glenn Beck ‘Sex Tape’ Article."

Media ventures have been very good to Beck. Kai Wright wrote last week that Beck has made a fortune off book deals, his radio show, a self-titled website and spot of Fox News. In total, he rakes in a nice $32 million in profits and is ranked 43rd on the Forbes Celebrity 100 power ranking list.

Beck says that readers can expect "insightful opinions," but he warns not to "expect everything to be deadly serious." 

Insight and seriousness are the two characteristics I least expect from Beck, but where he is wanting in redeeming qualities he surely makes up in cash flow.