For Girls Who Love Themselves Enough to Talk Back to Lil Wayne

Two little girls call Weezy out for his misogynistic music.

By Jamilah King Mar 02, 2011

Rapper Lil Wayne has certainly had his fair share of critics, but probably none quite like this. Two girls, ages 9 and 10-year-old, recently took to YouTube to rap an official letter to Weezy about his disparaging lyrics about women. They’re going by the name Watoto From the Nile, and in a professionally produced video and song, both rap over the beat to Wayne’s song "I’m Single." And you know what? It’s good. Really good. "I’m a girl that’s only ten/But for my sisters I must represent," the first girl raps. Then the nine-year-old takes her turn. "My daddy told me I’m a queen/But you call women other things/It makes me mad/I can’t pretend/Sir/Don’t call me out my name again."

The girls’ YouTube channel explains more.

Letter to Lil Wayne is a direct statement of justice from Watoto From The Nile. Growing tired and fed up with the constant degradation of Black women inside of Hip Hop music, they voice thier views and opinions on this melodic track.

Wayne, who’s publicly fawned over his own 12-year-old daughter Reginae, has yet to respond. But I’d put my money on these two in a battle.

So here’s to these courageous and talented little girls, who are willing to publicly stand up for their beliefs. We’re ending the day as often as possible by celebrating love. We welcome your ideas for posts. Send suggestions to, and be sure to put Celebrate Love in the subject line. You can send links to videos, graphics, photos, quotes, whatever. Or just chime in to the comments below and we’ll find you. Be sure to let us know you’ve got the rights to share any media you send.

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