Germans Are Convinced Blackface Sells

By Jonathan Adams Aug 04, 2008

H/T Black Women in Europe Blog Do you remember the UNICEF ads that ran in Germany? For some reason, a German ad agency thought it would be clever to cover white children’s faces with mud to bring attention to a need for education in Africa. Seems like Germans are convinced that racism is the most provocative way to sell products. Check out this clip (click on “TV-Spot”) Black Women in Europe writes

The slogan goes “damit Sie braungebrannt aus dem Urlaub kommen und nicht Schwarz vor Ärger” (”so that you return from holidays with a tan and not black from anger”). Note: “black from anger” ist a German saying that’s being used by (white) Germans to this day. Please find out more about the campaign, the people responsible and how we could use your help and solidarity, here: