#FundraiserFriday: Leading DJs Create ‘Dust + Dignity,’ an Exhibit of More Than 100 Powerful Album Covers

By Sameer Rao Jan 08, 2016

For the first #FundraiserFriday of 2016, we highlight a project from a group of prominent Philadelphia-based DJs, composers and educators that uses the intersection of music and visual art to address social justice. 

Rich Medina, King Britt and Cosmo Baker are among those involved with "Dust + Dignity," a project anchored by Record Breakin’ Music, DJ Junior’s Philadelphia record label. The project envisions an exhibit and complimentary audio tour featuring more than 100 album covers as a means to promote dialogue about justice. The campaign’s Kickstarter page describes its mission like this: 

Today, we are experiencing an outing of the racial ignorance that has long existed in our city, country, and surrounding world. Born out this injustice and in response to the ignorance is art. In art, we find sound. Music keeps us together; it heals and connects — it motivates and celebrates. Lyrics give life to our souls, the melodies align our hearts, and the rhythms stoke the fire our movements. Often-overlooked is the powerful connection between an album’s music and the accompanying album visual artwork that binds it all together. From Gil Scott Heron’s "Moving Target" to Kendrick Lamar’s highly-acclaimed 2015 release, "To Pimp a Butterfly,"the evolution of album artwork has transmitted the dynamism of music and social injustices. 

Dust + Dignity is at the beginning of its quest to crowdfund $8,000 by February 14. Rewards for backers include limited-edition posters, a gift package from Record Breakin’ and invitations to the exhibit, which opens in March in Philadelphia. 

Click here to see the "Dust + Dignity" Kickstarter video and donation options.