Fundraiser Friday: ‘Princess Planet’ Books Will Feature Princesses From Around The World

By Sameer Rao Sep 18, 2015

Many children of color aren’t exposed to heroes or heroines that bear any resemblance to them or their heritage. This is evident in a Buzzfeed exploration of female leads in child-oriented Disney movies, which concludes that more than 70 percent of them were white (and that’s to say nothing about the Eurocentric beauty standards perpetuated through those films). 

Israel Cook noticed the same thing when he tried to download a princess app for his daughter. The lack of diversity inspired him to collaborate with a diverse spectrum of women to create Princess Planet, a series of animated children’s books and accompanying apparel featuring princesses from all around the world. Cook, the CEO of diversity-focused children’s entertainment company Daydreams Interactive, is fundraising for the intiative via GoFundMe. 

The funds raised will materially support the creation of two children’s books focused on princesses rooted all over the world, as well as a coloring book and clothing line—all of which Cook anticipates having ready in time for Christmas. He also plans to elaborate on the concept next year with books focusing on the individual princesses. Cook elaborates in a statement on the GoFundMe page: 

This campaign will tell us if "The People" support our cause to make sure children have culturally diverse and positive content. If this is a success we also have plans for a brand with positive, culturally diverse male characters for children to follow. 

With it’s cosmopolitan focus and emphasis on diversity, we consider Princess Planet a worthy cause to feature for this Fundraiser Friday. 

Check out Princess Planet’s website and the promotional video above, then visit the campaign’s page to support. 

(H/t Buzzfeed)