Fruitvale Station’s Michael B. Jordan Rocks Alexander Wang in GQ

The actor has had a breakout year. And he looks good.

By Jamilah King Dec 03, 2013

Michael B. Jordan is big time. That much was made obvious this year with his stellar performance in Ryan Coogler’s debut film "Fruitvale Station." But Jordan, known for his roles in hit shows "The Wire" and "Friday Night Lights," has over time developed a reputation as one of the most important black actors of his generation. David Simon, the writer behind "The Wire", had this to say about Jordan’s breakout year for GQ:

The drug war? Stop and frisk? Racial profiling? Black-on-black violence? Our separate Americas? All that is commentary. If you need white folks to actually feel something, it pays to aim a handgun at Michael B. Jordan’s delicate and nuanced humanity and pull the trigger. Suddenly the risks of being young and black on an American street are apparent.

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