“Free the Jena Six” T-Shirts Banned; Racial Violence Surges in EU

By The News Aug 30, 2007

Rising Racial Violence in Europe The European Union’s Fundamental Rights Agency reports on ethnic discrimination and job discrimination in the region as 7 of the 28 member states see a rise in racist violence. UCLA Report Reveals Increasing School Segregation Public schools in the United States are becoming more racially segregated and the trend is likely to accelerate because of recent Supreme Court decisions. ‘Free the Jena Six’ T-Shirts Banned in Schools Called a ‘threat to order’, school officials say it was not the t-shirts, that protest the arrests of six Black students from the high school, but the students wearing the shirts that were the disruptions in school and forced the ban. Outlawing Sagging Pants Leads to Racial Profiling As cities attempt to outlaw a hip hop fashion trend, young men of color will be unjustly criminalized for having pants that sag.