‘Foxy Brown’ Series Coming to Hulu

By Sameer Rao Dec 14, 2016

MGM TV will reboot ’70s Blaxploitation classic "Foxy Brown" as a scripted series for streaming network Hulu.

Deadline reported yesterday (December 13) that series producer Meagan Good ("Minority Report") will star as the show’s titular heroine, famously portrayed by Pam Grier ("The L Word") in the original 1974 film. Good’s husband DeVon Franklin ("Miracles from Heaven") and Tony Krantz ("Blood and Oil") will co-executive produce the series from a script by showrunners Malcolm Spellman ("Empire") and Ben Watkins ("Hand of God").

The original film depicts an Afro-sporting Black woman enacting violent, multi-level vengeance on the people who killed her government agent boyfriend. It remains an iconic example of Blaxploitation, the popular 1970s action film genre in which predominantly Black film directors depicted Black protagonists resisting oppression with exemplary fighting skills and a take-no-prisoners attitude.

Like the genre, "Foxy Brown" is a topic of considerable debate among film critics and audiences. Scholar Yvonne D. Sims’ 2006 book, "Women of Blaxploitation: How the Black Action Heroine Changed American Popular Culture," explains that while many view Brown as an overly sexualized and depthless caricature, others praise her for embodying autonomy and personal empowerment rarely granted to Black women characters.