Former Giuliani Speechwriter Says We Don’t Need Another Dialogue on Race

By Carla Murphy Aug 27, 2014

After Michael Brown’s killing, Damon Linker doesn’t want another national dialogue on race. Instead the former speechwriter for Mayor Rudy Giuliani wants white Americans to see their country through the eyes of African-Americans. Here’s why:

Blacks overwhelmingly believe that the police use deadly force against black suspects…while whites tend to presume that cops do their jobs fairly. This is a big deal, and one that should trouble white America far more than it does — because it means that whites view armed agents of the government as their allies, while African Americans see those same agents…like the occupying army of a hostile power.

Linker doesn’t get at the hard stuff: "how" to get more white Americans to see life from the other side of the color line. But the full essay over at The Week is worth the read.