The First Lady Can Double-Dutch, Can you?

She can hoola hoop, she can dougie and now...this! Watch Michelle do it and learn how to keep up yourself.

By Jorge Rivas Aug 26, 2011

First Lady Michelle Obama could easily be the hippest first lady in History. She’s got her haute fashions, she knows how to dougie and now these pictures confirm she knows how to double-dutch, too.

Last month the White House hosted the Presidential Active Lifestyle Awards taping which celebrated both adults and children who were physically active at least five days a week for six weeks. And Michelle Obama proved that not only is she the hippest but she’s the fittest of the first ladies.

And just in case you’re trying to earn a Presidential Active Lifestyle Award of your own, the Pepper Steppers from Rockaway, Queens, are here to teach you the basics of double-dutch.

President Barack Obama hugs First Lady Michelle Obama after watching her jump rope for a double-dutch demonstration. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)


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