FBI and ICE Raid Halal Slaughterhouse

By Leticia Miranda Oct 26, 2009

Over 100 FBI and ICE agents raided an Illinois Halal slaughterhouse last weekend and nearly every news report says that no one knows why. The First World Management provides goat, beef and lamb that is prepared according to Muslim standards. Hmm..post 9-11, I can take a guess why. Some workers at the slaughterhouse were handcuffed, but no one was arrested. But it seems the two owners of First World, Syed Hamid and Tahawara Hussain Rana, are being targeted by the FBI. Charles Jackson, Hamid’s lawyer, says that Hamid won’t be charged with any kind of crime but is being equally tight-lipped about why the FBI and ICE decided to raid his business. Check out the video below and read more about the raid here.