Father’s Day Cards for Every Kind of Dad in Your Life

The series of customizable e-cards is a project from Strong Families, a reproductive justice organization.

By Julianne Hing Jun 13, 2013

Families with two fathers? Families with just one father? And families with none? Immigrant families; families connected by love and commitment, if not blood; families with a father behind bars–those are all still real and legitimate families. And those fathers and families all deserve the love, support and access that mothers do. 

This Father’s Day, Strong Families, a project of the Oakland-based reproductive justice organization Forward Together, has got all of those kinds of families and fathers covered. After producing a similar series of inclusive Mother’s Day e-cards since 2011, 2013 marks the first year Forward Together is releasing a series for dads. 

Each e-card in the series is a real work of art, and entirely customizable. Send one here.