Father Celebrates Daughter’s Wedding With Dance Medley

Watch Ashley Richmond and her father David Sparks work the dance floor when what begins as a traditional father-daughter dance breaks into a lively choreographed number.

By Noelle de la Paz Nov 15, 2011

How many father-daughter wedding dances have an audience that numbers in the millions? Ashley Richmond and her father, David Sparks, made it happen when what began as a traditional father-daughter dance broke into a lively choreographed number. After a month and a half of secret practices, the duo surprised guests at the Houston wedding, and the video quickly became a Web sensation. Their upbeat medley opened with the Temptations’ favorite "My Girl" and went on to feature "Stanky Leg" and "My Dougie" to the delight of the crowd.

"I wanted to mix old school with new school," David told the hosts of "Good Morning America" when he and Ashley were invited to perform their routine on air in Times Square.

Whether or not you believe in the institution of marriage, it’s a contagiously joyful moment to see a growing family celebrating love with a heaping dose of fun and flair.

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