The Face of Torture—Who Bears it Better?

By Donna Hernandez Nov 12, 2007

Photos courtesy of Jim Young/Reuters and Susan Walsh/AP Since September 11, 2001, we have had cases of falsely detained and questionable interrogations via the FBI, CIA, US Police Departments and US armed forces. Some would dare to say theses tactics began before 9/11 and the events of that dreadful day only fueled an already corrupted system. Our previous attorney general, Alberto Gonzalez, the token Latino, wasn’t wise enough to hide his tracks and was therefore forced to resign. Unfortunately, Bush has taken the opportunity to appoint none other than Michael Mukasey. Mukasey, is well known to New Yorkers for his anti-women, anti- people of color and anti-poor people policies. He aided Rudolph Giuliani on many of the police-state policies implemented during his mayorship. It’s not a coincidence that Mukasey was chosen for attorney general. Who else would coincidentally be the best spin-master on torture tactics? Abdallah Higazy’s story is one of many cases currently taking place as a result of 9/11. FBI officials, during questioning, coerced Higazy into giving false information by threatening him and his family. There is still more to come regarding this case, so please stay posted. Mukasey will more than likely spin doctor his way out of this one, as well. The word of the day folks – ACCOUNTABILITY!