EPA Funds Navajo Nation Uranium Eradication, and Other News

By The News Jun 24, 2009

photo credit: Environmental Protection Agency Navajo Homes Contaminated by Uranium to be Rebuilt The EPA will spend up to $3 million annually to demolish and rebuild 500 structures in the Navajo Nation that are contaminated with uranium. LA Blacks and Latinos Are More Conservative A Los Angeles Times poll shows that Black and Latino voters are more conservative than whites. The opposite is seen in national demographics. Somali-American Recruitment Gets FBI Attention After disappearances in Minnesota were linked to radical Islamists, the FBI and local law enforcement in Clarkson, GA are keeping an eye out for the possible recruitment of Somali-American youth for a war in Africa. Black Youth Disproportionately Arrested in MD The study released by Advocates for Children and Youth shows that Black children in Maryland are arrested almost three times more than whites because law enforcement officials do not distinguish between delinquency and acting out.