Energy Department Allegedly Bans Use of ‘Climate Change’ In Its Written Communication

By Yessenia Funes Mar 30, 2017

The Energy Department is instructing its staff to not use the phrases “climate change,” “emissions reduction” or “Paris Agreement” in written memos, briefings or other written communications, according to POLITICO.

The news site reports that this change occurred Tuesday (March 28), the day President Donald Trump signed the anti-climate change executive order. Department spokeswoman Lindsey Geisler denied these claims to POLITICO: "No words or phrases have been banned for this office or anyone in the department.” 

But anonymous employees and state officials did confirm to POLITICO that there’s a general sense to avoid such phrases or words given the current administration’s stance on climate change. An unnamed source told POLITICO that using the words would cause a "visceral reaction" with Energy Secretary Rick Perry and his colleagues.

Still, the department’s Office of International Climate and Clean Energy, which looks to spread clean energy technologies internationally, has the word “climate” in its name. POLITICO speculates that the office may be in jeopardy as Trump and his team look at agencies to cut and reshape.