#EndMoneyBail Movement Continues With Three June National Days of Action

By Kenrya Rankin Jun 14, 2017

Last month, several groups united for National Mama’s Bail Out Day, raising money to bail mothers out of jail so they could spend Mother’s Day with their children. This week, those 24 organizations—including Color of Change, The Movement for Black Lives and the Black Alliance for Just Immigration—are keeping the momentum going with three more bailout days.

The video above recaps May’s action—which raised $700,000 from 12,000 people to bail out more than 100 mothers—and provides details about this month’s actions: National Fathers Bailout Day (June 18), National Juneteenth Bail Out (June 19) and National Pride Bailout Day (June 25). Find out how you can contribute at NoMoreMoneyBail.org.