Drone Strikes, Obamacare, and the WNBA’s LGBT Fans

By Jamilah King May 21, 2014

Here’s what I’m reading up on:

  • After 10 years of negotiations, Russia and China have reached a natural gas deal that’s estimated to be worth $400 billion.
  • The White House is set to release a memo written by an appeals court nominee who signed off on the targeted drone killing of a U.S. citizen, Anwar al-Awlaki.
  • The Obama administration quietly made a little-known adjustment to the Affordable Care Act that freed up billions of dollars to insurers. 
  • The WNBA is launching a new ad campaign that targets its LGBT fans, making it the first pro sports league to do so. 
  • Watch out, D.C.: Malia Obama will soon be eligible for a learner’s permit
  • Northern California is bracing itself for pretty much non-stop rain this fall thanks to global warming.