Drake’s Dad Stars in the Video for Rapper’s Hit Song ‘Worst Behavior’

Dennis Graham makes his worldwide video debut.

By Jamilah King Nov 11, 2013

It’s no secret that megastar rapper Drake has had a difficult relationship with his father, Dennis Graham. While Drake grew up with his white Jewish mother in Canada, he only made occassional visits to visit his Graham, who’s black, in Memphis and credits the city’s rich musical legacy with leaving a big imprint on his own work. In his recent interview with Jian Ghomeshi for Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Drake talked about what it was like being in the Memphis scene and how it shaped him as an artist.

It was pivotal in shaping the man I am today. Going to Memphis gave me a glimpse into what rap really felt like. I got to go and be around Yo Gotti in the very early stages and it was only because my cousin’s baby father used to manage him. He used to bring me around a crazy lifestyle that I knew nothing about being from here. It was just surreal. It seemed so big. The clubs seemed so glamorous. The cars just seemed so expensive. These guys were drinking Louis XIII. My mind was blown. I was so young and I got to see not only rap culture, but Southern rap culture which is very influential. It opened up not only my mind but my ears.

It’s safe to say that the rapper’s father is very much a part of his life these days after starring in the video for his son’s latest hit song "Worst Behavior."

Drake ~ Worst Behavior from OctobersVeryOwn on Vimeo.