Dr. King’s Dream Doesn’t have a Finish Line

By Terry Keleher Jan 22, 2009

“Why I’m Happy, Why I’m not Satisfied” is the latest commentary by Jay Smooth, hip-hop video blog host at ill Doctrine, who shares his take on having a Black president. “When you hear people say ‘we’re not in the Promised Land yet’ or that ‘we’re not post-racial yet,’ there’s no need to get freaked out…” He reminds us that: “…our past is still connected to our present and future and that Dr. King’s dream doesn’t have a finish line because it was grounded in the idea that we are all connected by the beautiful imperfection that we call humanity which means that his dream is only fulfilled as long as we keep doing the work that comes with embracing our history and owning our humanity. there’s always more work to do.” Nice to see this make it to YouTube’s Top 100 Most Viewed and Most Favorited.