Donald Trump Says ‘I Love Hispanics!’ in Cinco De Mayo Post

By Sameer Rao May 06, 2016

Donald Trump announced his presidential candidacy almost a year ago by calling Mexican immigrants "rapists." Yesterday (May 5), the lone Republican presidential candidate set social media on fire by saying he actually loves Latinos—well, sort of. 

The above tweet and corresponding Facebook post, hashtagged #CincoDeMayo—featuring Trump with a taco salad from a disputed restaurant in his eponymous New York City building—inspired a mix of bemusement and criticism from many social media users. The hashtag #TacoGate tracked some of the most poignant responses:


Trump’s post also inspired some ridiculous memes: 


Despite this gesture, Trump has not announced changes to his hardline anti-immigration policies. 

(H/t Salon, Bustle